My new hobby – Illumination

It has been a some time now since I have enjoyed painting or drawing. The fact of this has made me very sad in a way that is hard to put into words. Then, about a month ago, my husband said “hey, they are teaching a scribal class on Monday and need help painting illuminated manuscripts, do you want to … Read More

Building a design portfolio

Every designer knows that a portfolio is critical. Having spent most of my career either working on illustrations, or as a full time employee of various software companies, I am a bit behind the curve. Recently I have been attempting to fix this. The challenge has been how to represent nearly 20 years of work doing web design, graphic design, … Read More

Artwork is now on CG

Over the holiday break I was contacted by to showcase a few of my pieces of artwork. While it is primarily a site that specializes in 3D models, they also have a section for digital paintings. It’s a very professionally done website and there is a LOT of artwork to look at/download/buy. There is even a whole section dedicated to 3D … Read More

Eldritch Muse at the Fernie Brae Gallery

I am thrilled to announce that the Eldritch Muse project is displayed in the The Farnie Brae gallery! Located on trendy Hawthorne street in Portland, Oregon, the Fernie Brae gallery showcases artists and artwork inspired by faeries and magic, and features work by artists such as Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Toby Froud, Danielle Barlow and Rima Staines.       the … Read More

Re-launch of

Welcome to the re-launch of! By my best guess this is the 6th major redesign of this site since I first launched it in 1997. While I have enjoyed re-doing it, this last redesign wasn’t entirely by choice since I accidentally deleted the last site, entirely, without making a backup. I blame distraction, and a lack of coffee that … Read More